Happy Globe

We at HappyGlobe are committed to the conservation, preservation and restoration of communal and natural areas, as well as the promotion and execution of ethical waste removal. 


With our friendly, passionate and outgoing team, we work with a number of similarly driven organisations to raise awareness of the negative effects we as humanity have had on our planet and to make an impact in reversing this damage.


Founded in the small town of Felixstowe, Suffolk, which hosts the UK's largest sea port, we see first hand the impact that pollution has on our beaches and on the local wildlife.   

We know the issue is much larger worldwide, that it will have a much bigger effect on the next generations and that we cannot stand by and let it happen. 


We believe that we are fortunate to live in the world that we do, despite its flaws, that we are grateful to those before us who developed it and that we owe it to those coming behind us to make sure we leave it better than we found it. This has driven us to start our mission.

"The goal is a better world for all species,

the dream is when our kids don't need our goal"