From small furnishings to large scale renovations and stylish period style restorations, our highly skilled team take their years of experience over a multitude of projects and bespoke it to your needs! No job is too big nor detail too small!


Utilizing our own workshop means that we can provide a complete range of services so, from prospect to completion, we can cover all aspects of your construction, exactly the way you want it, at a competitive price.


Bespoke Carpentry, it’s what we do. Proud sponsors of HappyGlobe CIC


Situated in Jamestown, on the edge of Accra’s largest slum, the JayNii streetwise foundation is a safe house for children who’s parents are unable to provide them with basic human rights such as health, safety and education. We are a sparkle of light in a clouded place, providing hope to those that need it most.


The very first cause HappyGlobe CIC supported, a true diamond in the rough organisation.


We pride ourselves in being able to support our grassroots organisations, and local community, by offering local independent businesses cost effective advertising, to their niche audience, through our well designed and high quality magazine. 

As a strong community content organisation, advertising for businesses is only a page in our magazine of support. We also provide a business community for our local entrepreneurs, offer a wide variety of discounts for our paperback customers, connect our people to our councillors and showcase our locals champions for their charitable contributions. 

"We all create ripple effects in our lives and it's the positive vibes we love to shout about" - Mandeep Birdy, Editor. 

The little mag, with a lot of heart, at the heart of the community.


Passion is always inspiring, and for us at HappyGlobe CIC, Felixstowe Magazine is passion on paper. The Felixstowe Magazine

Our vision is to realise a future where all inhabitants of Costa Rican coasts, human and sea turtle alike, can live together in balance, where healthy populations of sea turtles fulfill their ecological roles and economic potential, and critical natural habitants are sustainably managed.


With close to 30 years experience working with Costa Rican sea turtles, LAST staff are experts when it comes to sea turtle population management.

Community based conservation, coastal management and volunteer assisted research!

Pioneering HappyGlobe CIC's first portable sea turtle hatchery in 2020.


Felixstowe radio provides a true service by raising the profile of both established and emerging local people and enterprises. With their open air policy, they broadcast a variety of shows to inform, entertain and inspire the people of Felixstowe. Anyone is welcome to get involved! 

Entirely comprised of volunteers, the presenting staff are passionate about wanting to be involved with the community and for the community to be involved with them!

Presented by the community, for the community.

HappyGlobe's first radio experience and soon to be home to our Green Show. 

Fabric Marketing Ltd provides marketing services to small and medium size businesses in the UK. Specialising in social media, graphic design and websites, the team at Fabric created the new Happy Globe website for free, to help ensure we can tell you all about what we do and keep our supporters updated with the latest news and projects.

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