Jamestown, Ghana

When looking at struggling communities to target our attention to first, Jamestown in Ghana came top of the list. Teaming up with local cause Trashybags, we head over in January 2019 to undertake an environmental clean and set up a health clinic to teach basic first aid.

In this third world town living is compromised at best. They are surrounded by a world of poverty and pollution which makes daily life a struggle, not only for the communities that live there but also for the wildlife.

Ghana, as a whole, suffers from a chronic shortage of health workers and, among the present workers, there is a distinct lack of adept knowledge which severely restricts access to health services. The country has an average of slightly over 11 doctors, nurses and midwives per 10,000 population - and we think getting a GP is hard in England!


Rural areas, in comparison with urban areas, are particularly underserviced with healthcare few and far between. Poor waste disposal and drainage systems, resulting in stagnant waters, coupled with restricted access to clean water has a big part to play in the overall health of rural Ghanaian communities. One of the common major complications that arises from such poor conditions is Buruli Ulcer, a bacterial relation of Tuberculosis and Leprosy, which affects the skin, subcutaneous fat and bone tissues.


If properly cleaned and dressed the patient will heal much faster and with far less risk of contracting a secondary illness through the wound. Unfortunately, the luxury of first aid knowledge is not widely available in Ghana so many suffer when relief would be easily attainable with some basic skills.


During our stay we will be setting up a health and well being clinic, providing basic health checks and wound care to the community. Also we hope to teach the community basic carpentry related skills, enabling them to restore their homes instead of living in such compromised conditions. We head to this struggling community with high aspirations of leaving them with some restored hope in humanity. 

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