Did you know that there are 7 species of giant sea turtles?

Unfortunately, all of them are at the very least a vulnerable status and declining year on year.

Their odds of survival are unbelievably adverse, with only 1 in 1000 surviving to adulthood and 1 In 10000 surviving a full lifespan! All resulting from battling not only natural predators, but loss of habitat, climate change and plastic pollution too! 

Every year, conservation organisations move turtle eggs inland, to protect against poachers, and store them in a hatchery. These hatcheries cannot be permanently erected, due to the need to treat the sand on the turn of the season, and so 3-4 weeks of work are required at the beginning and end of each season to assemble & disassemble them.


Working as professional carpenters, we patented a new style of turtle hatchery: totally collapsible, easy to store and fast to assemble. This will save weeks of labour each year for volunteers, freeing up valuable time to work closer with the turtles, quicker than previously possible.

Huge thank you to LAST (Latin American Sea Turtle Conservation) with whom we teamed up with on this project!

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